Classic card of the week

Dan Plesac, 1989 Fleer

Cameraman: Alright Sac-man, give me that All-American schoolboy look you’re so famous for.

Dan Plesac: That’s not the most heterosexual thing I’ve heard today, but alright. Here goes. Plesac stands straight up and smiles.

Cameraman: Click, flash. Okay, okay. Click, flash. You’re too upright, though. Bend over a little bit, like you’re about to pitch, but smile in a weird, inoffensive way, like you’re about to pitch to a three-year old girl at a charity event. Click, flash.

Plesac: Like this?

Cameraman: Yeah, yeah. Click, flash. That’s good. More innocent though! Put some feeling into it! You’re a schoolboy! Click, flash.

Plesac: Looks into camera. Here kitty, kitty …

Cameraman: Good! Click, flash. Perfect. I think we got it.

Plesac: Great.

Cameraman: Now take your shirt off.

Plesac: What?


It’s difficult for me to know until you ask the question, but: no, I did not.

Came within one save of tieing club record in 1988 …

That is an interesting way of spelling “tying,” and by interesting I mean wrong. Also, the Milwaukee Brewers record for saves in a season was 31? And Dan Plesac almost tyed {sic} it? I’m not one for hyperbole, but that is the most amazing thing I have heard about anything in my entire life.

… 2nd straight season to lead team in saves

I don’t want to nitpick fun Dan Plesac tidbits—nitpicking tidbits will never win you any friends, trust me—but … Plesac was the Brewers closer, and thus the only player on the roster afforded the opportunity to earn saves. That a closer led his team in saves is neither here nor there. This is fun!

… All-America player at North Carolina State

This Major League Baseball player was good at playing baseball in college?! Who’d have thunk it?

… Schoolboy All-America in baseball and basketball

What is a “Schoolboy All-America?” I have never heard of such a thing, and I am glad, because it sounds, well, European at best, kind of dirty at worst. Do they mean high school? If so, a better term to use would have been “High school All-America.” I think that would make everyone feel more comfortable here.

… Nickname is Sac-man.

I knew that! Who doesn’t know that? I just didn’t know it was hyphenated. I’ve been writing Sac-man as one word for the past twenty years. This is embarrassing.

Did you know?
The MLB Network strongly considered airing a weekly show called, "Sac-man & Hazel," in which Dan Plesac and Hazel Mae traveled to different minor league parks throughout the country in order to hilariously expose the racism from those who assumed they were an interracial couple.