Classic card quickie

Dusty Baker, 1987 Topps

Things that future manager Dusty Baker is saying to his teammates behind him as he watches batting practice back in 1986:

See, I would have bunted in that situation.

Somebody get me a toothpick. I can’t think.

Is that Skip out there throwin’ BP? Man, he’s got a rubber arm. What’s he at, 300 pitches? I say we leave him out there to pitch to the other team.

What's that? How come I’M not out there? Shoot, man…I woke up on my left side this morning, which usually means I got a couple hits in me. Don’t wanna mess that up.

Somebody needs to get that kid off the field, or he’s gonna get hurt! Where’s his father?

The best part about batting practice is that nobody is out there cloggin’ up the bases.

Look at Gallego out there in this heat. He looks like he’s gonna melt.

That's all I got.


Bill said…
Nicely done! You have thoroughly covered the great "Dustyisms" of our time.