Blog announcement!


I have an announcement! No, seriously.

I am extremely excited and honored to now be a contributing writer for the fabulous blog The Baseball Card Blog. It's creator and founder and CEO and treasurer Ben Henry does a fabulous job and I am truly humbled at the opportunity to join him in his quest for world supremacy.

For now I will be posting classic card-type material on The BBC Blog weekly, and exclusively. So those posts will not appear here. will have to venture over there should you desire to further feed your insatiable appetite for silly card write-ups and also to check out Ben's own fine work.

First post should be up there in the next day or so. Please support my attempt to extend my reach on these here interwebs, and while you're at it -- become a fan on facebook! It's the only contemporary way to express your interests to others who couldn't care less!

***End announcement***


Bill said…
Thanks for the announcement and I look forward to reading classic card posts on this joint venture!
Mark's Ephemera said…
Congrats. Ben's blog was one of the first ball card blogs I started to read.