You know you can change that, right?

Trust me that this post is not in retrospect, considering Round 1 of the NFL Draft is finished. I just never got around to mentioning this yesterday.

Besides, I would never hold anyone to any sort of accuracy standards when it comes to mock drafting. They are silly, but apparently required if you are a sports writer. But I just cannot let this doozy from Peter King slide.

Keep in mind that a mock draft is, for those unaware, a made-up scenario regarding how a particular person thinks the draft will pan out. With that in mind, here is what Peter King has to say regarding the 29th pick in his mock draft:

29. New York Jets
Jahvid Best, RB, Cal

This pick makes no sense -- unless you think Leon Washington and LaDainian Tomlinson are short-timers.

This pick. Makes no sense. Indeed it does not, especially considering that it is your own pretend pick. I mean, who are you talking to, Peter King? Because it seems as though you are harshly criticizing the New York Jets for making a pick that they did not, and most likely will not, make. Because you made it up.

I think -- and correct me if I'm wrong -- that a mock draft is an attempt to outline a draft that makes sense. So to do a mock draft, and openly admit that at least some of it doesn't make sense, just...doesn't make sense.

It should also be mentioned that the Jets have three running backs, lest we forget about their projected starter, Shonn Greene. So this whole thing makes no sense on a number of levels.