Classic card of the week

Todd Dunn, 1993 Classic Games, Inc.

Seen here is Classic Games, Inc’s (?) “Four Sport Collection” featuring Todd Dunn. I can only however, locate one sport on this card, and that sport appears to be high school baseball, as photographed by the coach’s wife with a Kodak disposable camera.

If you need evidence of Todd Dunn’s baseball ability that goes beyond blurry documentation of an odd batting stance and proof that his fans included middle-aged groupies wearing scrunchies and Gotcha tank tops, then may I direct you to the back of the card:

Unfortunately, the back of the card includes another blurry photo. But there is also a difficult-to-read chart, which is nice. Also:

A first round pick by the Brewers, Todd was rated as the best overall athlete in Baseball America in an article listing the College Players with the Best Tools.

In the category of “College Players with the Best Tools,” Todd Dunn was voted the best overall athlete. It is unclear whether being a great athlete is a specific tool in itself, or whether Todd encompassed all of the tools necessary to be a College Player with the Best Tools, and therefore was indeed the College Player with the Best Tools. All we really know is that Todd Dunn had at least some tools. And he was an athlete. The best one.

Of course, if “College Player with the Best Tools” means the college player whose buddies were the biggest, and thus best tools on campus, then that is also impressive. You have to be some pretty big tools to be recognized as tools within the realm of college athletics. Kudos, friends of Todd Dunn.

A member of the 1982 Little League World Series Champions from Tulsa, Todd is an all-sport athlete,

Todd Dunn transcends the “Four Sport Collection” in that he plays every sport. I am not one to throw the term “all-sport athlete” around liberally, and so I am left to assume that Todd Dunn played –- and, because he’s Todd Dunn, excelled at –- every sport imaginable, from women’s beach volleyball to intramural tennis at Ramapo College and everything in between. (By the way, women’s beach volleyball and intramural tennis at Ramapo College represent opposite ends of the sporting spectrum. This is a fact, and not to be disputed.)

having previously competed in both football and wrestling.

So far I have counted baseball, football and wrestling –- of which he currently only plays baseball –- as the sports which qualify Todd Dunn on the front of this card as a “Four Sport” athlete and on the back of this card as an “all-sport” athlete. The lesson here: All of us can be great overall athletes with lots of tools if we really put our minds to it and win the Little League World Series. Thanks, Todd Dunn!

Did you know?
As a sophomore Todd Dunn attended the "Tool Academy of Ohio," where he learned to hit for average, hit for power, throw, drink car bombs, run fast, play defense, take his shirt off, and pump his fist.


SpastikMooss said…
I bet he can beat up the beat as well.