Classic card of the week

Drew Hall, 1988 Topps

Question: what is better than a Drew Hall baseball card?

Allow me to interrupt as you furiously search your brain-bank for an answer to that question. Because the answer is: a ridiculously blurry Drew Hall baseball card!

This is the type of card that almost –- almost –- forced you to give up collecting baseball cards altogether. Everybody involved in making and manufacturing this card had given up on life, and the beneficiary of that indifference was you –- or, in this case, me –- a 10-year-old boy who excitedly spent all of his lawn-mowing money on a pack of baseball cards, hoping to God to get a Don Mattingly, and ending up with an out-of-focus picture of a Cubs’ middle reliever.

But enough excitement. Let’s discover more excitement:

Drew’s coach at Morehead (Ky.) State University was former major league southpaw Steve Hamilton.

So what you’re saying is, the guy on the front of this card who I did not know before and who I still do not know thanks to his mostly blurry features, was coached in college by a different player that I kind of, sort of know about?! That is amazing! I just passed out.

I’m back. Let’s go to Wikipedia:

He attended Morehead State University.

Equally amazing. And by equally I mean equal to that time earlier when I found out he attended Morehead State University.

He is most famous for being involved in the Rafael Palmeiro and Mitch Williams trade in 1988.

That is hella famous. And not to burst anyone’s bubble here, but do you know who was even more famous for being involved in the Rafael Palmeiro and Mitch Williams trade? I’ll give you a hint. It was Rafael Palmeiro. And Mitch Williams. And Joe Carter. And steroids. But Drew Hall certainly was up there, with the famousness, of that particular trade, and what not.

What morehead does Wikipedia have to offer?

He is currently an assistant coach at his alma matter, Morehead State University.


Did you know?
In 1999, Drew Hall teamed up with Dru Hill to produce a series of highlight videos that featured ordinary 5-6-3 double plays set to a background of contemporary R&B music that was embarrassingly sexual. All involved parties met at Morehead State University.