Spam email of the week

Gonna check my email ...

Hmmm, I like coffee. Let’s see if it can protect me from lethargy AND scams.

The acronym for Serious Fraud Office is SFO, not to be confused with the acronym for Silly Fraud Office, which is SiFO. Also, the SFO is on Cockspur Street and their motto is “Cocksure on Cockspur … about scams.” SiFO is located at 123 Fake Street and their motto is, "Don't deny fraud the right to be silly - that is racist." 

The most serious international fraud investigation company on earth works as such: “Pretty please tell us if you have been scammed.”

"What is the most generic fake email we can use to scam people into thinking we're the scam police?"

"How about ''"

"That's good. A little too good. Throw some random letters in there and make the rest like, Spanish or something."

"You are a true scam artist."

"Stop it."

a.k.a coffee


troy said…
Let me know if you go, I can actually recommend you a really good pub on Cockspur Street, with a nice view of Trafalgar Square.
mkenny59 said…
Why don't we meet for a cup of Markson Heart?
troy said…
See you there. Uh, I mean 'Bob's your uncle.'