Classic card of the week

Greg Harris, 1987 Topps

There is nary a thing I enjoy more than a “looking off into the distance” shot. And not just in baseball cards either. I particularly appreciate this journalistic style when it comes to a family portrait session at the local Sears. Or a sixth-grade glamour shot. Or even a classy watercolor portrait of Napoleon. Look at me, looking off into the distance, contemplating your demise! Do not bother me with your devices…but make sure you get my good side.

The hopes and dreams of one Greg Harris could not have been captured more adequately. What he is thinking about, we may never know. We can only speculate. It could be that he is already auditioning for the role of Uncle Rico: How much you wanna bet I can throw this baseball over them mountains? Or maybe he is thinking about which arm he would prefer to throw with during the upcoming season. He could be wondering what it feels like to have a fully-grown mustache. (Greg Harris made Dave Wannstedt look like Rollie Fingers.) Or, he could be wondering where he left his backpack:

Greg enjoys backpacking in his leisure time.

Well alrighty then. During the previous offseason, Greg Harris had backpacked through the vast Sri Lankan terrain, and had met with the locals, and was able to add a handmade face towel to his already burgeoning backpack. Unable to think of what could possibly top that trip -- backpacking through Europe was sooooooo 1983 -- Greg Harris had an epiphany: Next stop – the moon!

Unfortunately, Greg Harris’ trip to the moon occurred during a time when it was fashionable to wear your backpack off of one shoulder, and thus, his backpack is now aimlessly traveling throughout outer space.

Did you know?
Working Napoleon Dynamite and the real Napoleon into the same post was an honest coincidence, yet undeniably inspirational.