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Robby Thompson, 1989 Score

Robby Thompson. Baseball card. Whatever. I’m bored. Let’s turn it around:

First of all, it looks like somebody photo shopped that eye black onto his face. But that could be because I’ve been staring at that picture for the past twenty minutes for some reason. Robby Thompson has put a trance on me! With his guy-next-door charm. Let’s find out more:

Robby, a fine contact hitter who is an adroit bunter…

Robby Thompson: Adroit bunter. That is what his tombstone will read. When he dies in 2065 from adroitness of the leg muscles. Also, adroit? Really? Looks like somebody was using the thesaurus when they put this little tidbit together.

(Side note: sometimes when I read these things, certain baseball terms that have been used since the Mesozoic Era magically come to light in their stupidity. In this case: contact hitter. As we all know, contact hitter = zero power. I doubt that Robby Thompson was better at making contact when he hit the ball than other players.)

But besides his otherworldly ability to tap the ball in front of home plate adroitly, what made Robby Thompson special?

But it is Robby’s ability to get rid of the ball quickly on double plays that brings accolades…

Unfortunately, Robby Thompson could not release the ball quickly enough to prevent a picture being taken of him holding onto the ball, as you’ll notice above. Geez, Robby -- throw it already! Too late. The runner is safe.

Nevertheless, it is true that Robby Thompson earned many accolades for this underrated talent. In fact, from 1987-89 Thompson won MLB’s prestigious “Gets Rid of the Ball Quickly Award” a record three consecutive seasons. His Wiki page also mentions that Thompson won the Willie Mac Award in 1991 -- not for his ability to throw a ball quickly, mind you -- for his spirit and leadership.

To recap, here is a list of things that Robby Thomson is/was adroit at:

Throwing a ball quickly
Wearing eye black
Tuna casserole

If you happen to know anything else that Robby Thompson is adroit at, please do not email me. This list is final.

Did you know?
Robby Thompson is most famous for laying down "The Adroit Bunt Heard 'Round the World."

Note: Sorry for the surplus of ’89 Score cards…they have paragraphs of “info” on the back that are often irresistible.


Bill said…
"...and squeezed home runs with bunts 10 times." I know what this means now, but I had to read this 4 of 5 times before understanding it. Isn't there a better way to word the end of that sentence without sounding like he choked the life out of homers, perhaps the homers of other players, with his own bunts? Or that 10 times, he somehow turned his squeeze bunts into home runs...maybe with his adroit speed?