Classic card of the week

Steve Buechele, 1989 Donruss

Steve Buechele had to wear a hat at all times, or else a strong gust of wind would actually blow the hair off of his head and into the stands, and he would have to wait four months for it to grow back again, unless a fan was kind enough to return it. Amazingly, Buechele was not even, technically, a major league baseball player. In 1985, the substitute math teacher from Arlington, Texas won a free trip to the Texas Rangers’ Fantasy Camp as a result of placing second in the “Annual Arlington Adult Diorama Contest.” (First prize was a gift certificate to Denny’s.) Upon arrival to the camp, Buechele was extremely disappointed, and called his mom from a payphone to inform her that his “fantasy” was NOT to spend a week with “17 jackasses dressed in tight pants who probably don’t even know their multiplication tables.” Buechele, whose brother-in-law was a lawyer, actually went on to sue the Texas Rangers over the concept of “fantasy camp,” and was eventually awarded, by the courts, the position of third base with the Texas Rangers for the years 1985 through 1989. Other aspects of Buechele’s real life fantasy tenure with the Rangers involved “Dungeons & Dragons” tournaments on road trips, having manager Bobby Valentine dress like Darth Vader during batting practice, and unlimited Fun Dip in the clubhouse. Steve Buechele hit 18 home runs in 1986, a league record for players who live with their mother.

Did you know?
Steve Buechele thinks fantasy football is too dangerous.


Anonymous said…
He has amazing hair! Where can i get some?