Classic card of the week

George Wright, 1986 Topps

George Wright is very suspicious of your actions. What kind of crap are you trying to pull on George Wright anyway? Do you think he doesn’t see you? Look at you over there, happily conversing with members of the other team. Don’t you know that they’re the enemy! George Wright would never do something like that, which is why he is very wary of you. George Wright is poised to take pre-game batting practice. It is almost his turn. What are you doing? Fooling around? If your actions do not cease, George Wright has the good sense to go and tell the manager. Besides, George Wright is sick of platooning in the outfield, and any chance he has to get your lazy ass on the bench, he will grab with the same gusto in which he takes batting practice. That is mucho gusto. Really though, did you think you were beyond the vision of George Wright? Did you not know that his peripheral is 20/20? You’re his teammate – you should know stuff like that. Wait – George Wright has become tired of your shenanigans. He has spotted a fine female in the second row down the left field line. George Wright is pretty sure that he’s going to sex her up later. “You can go ahead of me,” says George Wright. “I’ll take BP tomorrow.” George Wright thinks some Colt 45 may do the trick. That stuff goes down extra smooth.

Did you know?
Yeah, George Wright pretty much sexed her up.