Classic Card of the Week

**Friday Bonus Edition!**
Ron Kittle, 1988 Fleer

Ron Kittle never bothered to use what his contemporaries described as a “bat.” In a “Rolling Stone” interview in 1986, Kittle was quoted as saying, “Bats are overrated. If you can visualize where you want the ball to go, you don’t necessarily need a tangible wooden object to get it there.” And Kittle could visualize a lot, because he wore extraordinarily huge glasses that allowed him to see into other dimensions. Ron Kittle had seven batless hits for the Yankees in 1987, which was second only to Mike Pagliarulo (11). Kittle did not believe in baseball gloves either, which is how he became the DH. When asked why he still chose to wear batting gloves, Kittle replied, “They give infielders the illusion that I mean business. Plus, they match my pants.” After his retirement in 1990, Ron Kittle went on to win the Indiana Air Guitar Championship a record three consecutive years. His rendition of “Layla” during the 1992 semifinals literally caused Eric Clapton to poop his pants.

Did you know?
Ron Kittle could kick your ass. With his mind. In fact, Ron Kittle already kicked your ass. You just don’t know it yet. You will probably get a headache soon.


Anonymous said…
I wore glasses just like Ron's in grammar school. Not good times!!
Casey said…
Ron Kittle's nickname should be: Ron "Kettle Korn" Kittle. Just flows off the tongue.