Classic card of the week

1996 Upper Deck, Robert Eenhoorn

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you this special report – sucky George Brett look-a-like from Netherlands signs with the Yankees! Story at 11:00. Seriously though, every time I look at this card, I imagine foghorns blasting, and somebody screaming, “Special report, GLOBAL IMPACT! I repeat – GLOBAL IMPACT AHEAD!” What a ridiculous concept this is. For starters, unless Robert Eenhoorn signed some kind of treaty I’m unaware of, he had very little global impact. In fact, he had very little local impact, hitting, as the card points out, “.222 in a couple of Major League stints in ’94 and ’95.” But this card is special because it is the first of its kind in many respects. For starters, it is the first card I am aware of in which a player is posing in front a super-imposed flag of the Netherlands, with a huge baseball light fixture thrown in for good measure. Secondly, it is the first card where the mini-bio on the back is actually continued on a different card. Seriously. They couldn’t fit Robert Eenhoorn’s bio on the back of one card. They needed a “continued on card 191.” And what does that card look like? I’m thinking it starts off: “Special report, special report! We have breaking news on the GLOBAL IMPACT special report we brought you on card 190. We’re going live down to Upper Deck headquarters for the story. Guys…” “…and had a career-best two RBI during a game with Columbus in 1993. Also, loves horses.”

Did you know?
If you removed all the vowels from Robert Eenhoorn’s name, his new name would be Rbrt Nhrn.


JMU86er said…
Hey, he hit .500 for the 94 season.