Classic card of the week

Willie McGee
1994 Topps “Gold Series”

Also known as the infamous “Willie McGee glamour shot,” it took the photographer a reported 17 takes to get the appropriate “quiet confidence” look you see here. McGee was actually the father of popular TV personality Steve Urkel (little known fact), yet somehow managed to carve out for himself a nice little pro career. Believe it or not, Willie led the National League in hits (216) AND average (.353) in 1985, bringing the retail value of this card up to a whopping two cents (it has since gone down). So if it looks like Willie is wiping something from his lip in this picture, maybe he is – the sweat of success. Or it could be mayonnaise.

Did you know?
Willie McGee was not the father of popular TV personality Steve Urkel! It’s true!


tim said…
Love the new feature. Can the infamous Mike Schmidt '87 Topps "boner" shot be far behind???