Quarantine diary of fights

I decided to try and keep a running diary that lists the nature of the arguments our daughters have had with each other during quarantine. Here it is ... kind of; these are mostly from the past few days. I will try my best to update accordingly, as this is obviously an ongoing, fluid situation with no end in sight:

whether Ella really brushed her teeth

who is doing the puzzle

who is better at puzzles

whether or not Madi will live in a nursing home

Ella is shhh-ing me

Madi is copying me

whether or not Madi wants ALF to be her boyfriend


how long ago we threw that bug out the window

who will get Madi the banana

what time it is

whether or not Ella was looking at the microwave when she correctly guessed what time it was

whom Mom told to get the disinfectant spray and who is better at getting disinfectant spray, generally

who has the more negative attitude

who is making mean faces

if "you better be quiet during my Zoom meeting" is an appropriate thing to say

whether or not Madi said "I'm gonna slice your head off"

"Stop leaning on me, these pants are very tight!"

why Madi will not open the door

why Ella will not open the door

who touched the bread first

whose hairbrush this is

who was more genuine when thanking Mom for breakfast after Mom lamented that neither of them appreciate anything we do

you smell

whether or not these clothes match

whether the actual phrase from Star Wars is "May the force be with you" or "May the Fourth be with you"

whether or not "the governor is watching us from our webcams" (???)

who woke up first

whether or not Ella can be trusted to put red pepper flakes on her pasta by herself

"I thought Madi was in the BATHROOM!"

whose computer is more charged