Reader appreciation feedback survey comment thingee day!

This week, we here at So, Do You Like … Stuff? are not posting any real content—assuming anything we ever post is real OR content—because we don’t feel like it. But, I’d like to take this opportunity, and thus the risk that it will go completely ignored, to solicit feedback.

First though, a sincere and heartfelt "thank you" to every single person who visits this blog by intent or accident, or who has purchased the book by intent or accident, or who enjoys what is written here on any level. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now ...

We—and by “we” I mean I—are wondering if the classic cards should proceed as usual throughout the immediate future. Since I’ve been writing for the fabulous (as recognized by Google!) The Baseball Card Blog, and doing card writeups for them, I’ve been wondering if the cards here have worn out their welcome or become stale. Some of the followers of this blog are obviously card enthusiasts, and I certainly don’t want to alienate them, but the issue is two-fold: 1) lack of response has left me curious as to the enjoyment the posts are intended to inspire, and 2) I am actually running out of cards to post.

So … do you want the cards to continue, or would you prefer to simply head over to The BBC Blog for that and have me begin posting something different each week in addition to the column? If the former, I need some new cards in which athletes are looking very silly and fat and dumb and/or which contain writeups that make no sense and are grammatically incorrect. (Just writing that sentence has left me with the feeling I should be writing about more important things. Aaaaaand …. that feeling has passed. Whew!) If you own such things, and are willing to share, holla atcha boy (me) at

If the latter, cool, but I still need advice. Any funny/dumb theme we can explore on a weekly basis? The estimable Jason Silverio once suggested “Smell of the Week,” which I thought was a fantastic idea, but … I ran out of smells after like two weeks. Does anybody know a lot of and/or exude a lot of smells? Or somehow have a different idea?

I just figured, what better time than the New Year to consider expanding upon the pointlessness this blog has become not famous for! Please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section, which is reserved for comments by commentors.

Also, Happy New Year!




Bill said…
Thanks for soliciting our feedback. I'd like to start by saying, this blog is awesome.

I for one love the weekly double dose of classic cards from you, counting this blog and the BBC blog. And I never tire of your humor with these cards. However, I can certainly understand that doing two cards a week makes for a depleted supply a lot faster.

So, if you have to say goodbye to the Classic Card feature on this blog, or taper it down to less than weekly, let me then cast my extremely biased vote for more of your sports opinions - especially your thoughts on the goings on with the Giants and Yankees!

And sincerely, thank you for providing such great content that costs you your time, but costs us nothing to read and enjoy.
mkenny59 said…
Why thank you, Bill! And not a bad idea ... not a bad idea at all: a Yankee or Giant happening of the week (I am all about the "of the week" thing by the way; I think to let it be known that I will only be doing one thing weekly). I will have to take that into deep consideration. In fact, speaking of the Yankees, I follow Nick Swisher on Twitter, whose tweets are usually of the "What's up everybody?! How ya' feeling?!" variety. Maybe a "Nick Swisher tweet of the week," where we delve deeper into such greetings ... the wheels are really turning now, thanks, Bill!

Also, via Google Reader, the great Don D. submits "more cowbell." Another solid idea.
mkenny59 said…
Breakdowns of classic rock songs has also been suggested, which I'd love to get feedback on. By the way, I swear I am getting suggestions from other venues and not just pretending I am so as to up the comments here.
Bo said…
Yes! Keep up the cards!

By the way I showed the Ulta post to my wife and she loved it.
mkenny59 said…
Hey, thanks, Bo -- for the feedback AND for introducing your wife to the blog. Tell her I said, "If you enjoy the humor of shopping at Ulta, then you'll LOVE my old basketball cards!"

Speaking of cards, yes, I am very happy to hear of people's continued interest in them, and I will definitely keep them incorporated here. I will probably intersperse them with some other stuff too, as I've gotten some really good ideas here. Thanks again!
Kevin W said…

You HAVE TO keep doing the cards. I enjoy everything you put on this blog, but the classic cards are the best. Not much that I read makes me laugh out loud, but some of these cards kill me. When you break to a conversation between a manager and player or a manager and scout discussing how someone is a "team guy" or has great wrists, I know I am going to laugh. Keep up the great work. It is appreciated.

BTW, I'm half way through the book and enjoying every story.

mkenny59 said…
Kevin, wow, thank you! That was awesomely positive feedback for both the blog AND book and I am super happy you feel that way! Thanks for taking the time to tell me as much ...

As for the cards, they will remain a feature here, although over the next few weeks at least they will be interspersed with other stuff. This week, for example, features something different that, I think, people ("people" meaning you and a few others, including my mom) will either really like or totally hate. Fingers crossed!

(By the way, Kevin -- thanks for the specifics on the manager-player-scout conversations. Those are like my favorite things to do.)