Classic card of the week

Luis de los Santos, 1989 Donruss

After playing the bad guy in "Ghost," Luis de los Santos saw his worst fear come true - he began being typecast. He was asked to play a remorseless Spanish thief in several subsequent movies, including, "The Spanish Thief," "El Thief de los Espana," and "When Harry Met Sally." Frustrated by his acting career, Luis decided to pull a Miguel de los Jordin, and persue his first love - gambling. That didn't work. So Luis returned to acting, but remained committed to exploring new roles. When his agent sent him the script for "Major League," Luis pulled the pages to his chest, and wept for three days straight. He loved it! But a few things were lost in translation as far as the script was concerned, most notably the fact that the phrase "Cleveland Indians" translates, in Spanish, to "Royals de los Kansas City," mostly because the Dominican Republic refuses to recognize Cleveland as a province...long story. Anyway, Luis attempted to impress the producers of the movie by literally trying out for the team. The wrong team. But he made it, and Luis de los Santos subsequently tore up the minor leagues, making scouts who had never heard of him wet their proverbial pants. When Luis finally got the call to the bigs, he assumed he had landed the role of a lifetime. Undaunted by the sparse crowds and cameras, and under the impression they were at the beginning of filming - when the "Indians" are supposed to be really bad - Luis purposely played his worst, batting .091 through his first 22 at-bats before being immediately sent back down to the minors. When a confused Luis de los Santos realized what had happened, he relapsed and killed Patrick Swayze.

Did you know?

Assuming the "M." on the back of the card stands for "Muchas," Luis' full name is "Luis Muchas de los Santos." Makes sense.


Lisa said…
After playing the bad guy in "Ghost," ................