No more blogging in the cold

Just a note…I’m moving to Arizona this weekend, so this bliggity-blog will be on hiatus until I get settled in, and until I can afford a scanner to post more stupid baseball cards. Hopefully I will find the time (and a computer – ours is on a moving truck now, possibly never to be heard from again) to keep a diary of how things progress over the next couple of weeks. If you don’t hear from me in two weeks, just know that it’s about 112 degrees in Arizona right now, and I probably just passed out again. So send help. In the meantime, feel free to browse the archives and enjoy all of the riveting material I have posted over the past three-plus years. And keep in mind, when my hit-counter reaches 10,000, I’m going to throw a huge party in Arizona, and award a bean burrito to my 10,000th “customer.” Not really though. But still.

See ya’ soon!



CMB said…
Why are the cacti giving me the finger?

Anywho...I am going to miss you and your beautiful wife more than I can express. Good luck with the move and be safe. I am looking forward to coming to visit, maybe I'll bring Steve ;)

I love you lots!
Anonymous said…
See Ya later gonna miss reading your rants & raves I can't blame ya for leavin Middletown this place sucks anymore!LOL Anyway don't be a fool & wear that Ricky Jersey I left you Cant believe you still have it I would have torched it faster than he smokes his joint he has really pissed me off, throwing away talent like he has to be a "POTHEAD" christ he has the rest of his life after football to do that!!!lol but he cant wait now he owes us 8mil. we'll never a fan for too long...sice the late 1960s I am sick over this team, & turning doen the best rookies in the draft as far as Im concerned, Im rootin for the Ravens this year(always say Im swithching) but then my TV always seems to have that dam Dolphin game on every Sunday, Just cant stay away Im a glutten for punishment, well I like the Ravens defense & I love a good defense so GO my favorite color is purple figured what other way to pick a team it dont matter anymore its the luck of the draw as they say in football anymore... ANyway Ill NEVER be a Patriot fan I HATE THAT FREEAKIN TEAM...One team Ill never band wagon jump to thats for dam sure...Well enjoy Arizona don't melt this summer you won't know what hit you with that heat I have a friend who lives there so KEEP COOL~~~Peace Donna Diodato Leonardo NJ :)